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Eat Right – Traditional food wisdom to sustain us today

Published by Kyle Books, 14th January 2016, priced £25 Photography by Jenny Zarins

‘To be in Rude Health is an old English expression meaning to be up for life – when one’s cup is not just half full but overflowing.’

Health conscious but bored of being told that plant-based, gluten-free diets are the only way forward? Meet Nick Barnard, co-founder of the hugely successful brand Rude Health. Eat Right is his inspirational and upbeat celebration of positive eating. This book offers truly achievable and simple ideas, recipes and advice on how to be nourished by traditional foods in a modern world. Forget this month’s fashionable diet, or the latest blacklisted food; Eat Right has 135 delicious and wholesome recipes that encourage the use of good animal fats, grass-fed meats and dairy, as well as sprouted, cultured, fermented and activated foods and drinks, alongside local and seasonal produce.

Eat Right is at the centre of a discussion about the ethics of food consumption and the growing interest in conventional methods of cooking and healthy eating. The last five years has seen a rapid growth in the sales of traditionally nutritious foods; porridge sales have doubled in this time, with 40 per cent of 16 – 24 year olds now eating it for breakfast. Packaged sliced white bread continues in its decline (sales fell by almost 8% last year). Pickling, preserving and fermenting are being rediscovered, with kimchi now appearing on restaurant menus across the country. While many of the current books on the market are beginning to be considered orthorexic in their obsession with dieting, Barnard’s refreshing and lively approach offers something completely different by not only focusing on wholesome foods and drinks that are both sustaining and nourishing, but also considering their health and environmental benefits.

The book’s opening pages introduce you to the idea of food ethics, while the first chapter ‘Techniques’ includes detailed and simple step-by-step instructions on making your own ghee, butter, apple cider vinegar, yoghurt, lard, broth, kimchi and sauerkraut, nut and seed butters, as well as sprouting grains and activating nuts and seeds, without requiring costly or obscure equipment or expensive ingredients. Chapters range from ‘Meat, Eggs & Cheese’, ‘Vegetables and Sides’ and ‘Snacks’ to ‘Bread’, ‘Sweet Things’, and ‘Drinks’. The brilliant ‘Breakfast’ chapter has recipes ranging from the legendary porridge Fruity Date, (cooked by Nick Barnard, it won the speciality trophy in the 2013 World Porridge Championships), Sprouted Spelt American pancakes, and a novel twist on a Breakfast Fry up. Each recipe provides background information on the place of the dish within historical tradition, as well as a breakdown of the nutritional benefits of the food. Beautiful photography compliments recipes that are easy and achievable for everyone.

Whether you are a health-conscious food expert or you just have an interest in learning how to prepare delicious, ethically-sourced and nutrient-dense foods, Eat Right is perfect for you as a simple guide to reconnecting with a time-honoured traditional approach to true nourishment and healthy eating.


Nick Barnard co-founded Rude Health in London in 2005 with his wife Camilla. Rude Health is renowned for its innovative, delicious and nourishing foods and drinks, winning scores of awards for taste and ethical standards (including many Soil Association Organic Food awards, numerous Great Taste awards and also being recognised in CoolBrand’s list of Britain’s trendiest brands). Nick is the inspiration behind the Rude Health rants, and is well-known for his infectious enthusiasm for traditional foods and drinks. In 2013 he was crowned World Speciality Porridge Champion, and continues his quest for the Golden Spurtle. Nick also helps out at Tablehurst and Plaw Hatch biodynamic community farms, where he is found as often as possible, happy as a pig in a trough of acorns. Nick is also a stunt flyer with the Yakovlevs Display team, which he co-founded.