Vodka for wine people.

Our/London is a vodka produced, blended and hand bottled in Arch 435 & 436, Spurstowe Road, London, E8 1LS

The micro-distillery is located in two adjoining arches underneath Hackney Downs train station; as well as our production facilities, we have a tasting room and a space to host events, the perfect place to collaborate with like-minded businesses and people.

Our/London is wheat based vodka and comes in a smaller bottle so it’s great to share with friends, it has a smooth taste with a fruity note.

Our/Vodka is a pioneering, innovative product and business model – it’s genuinely different. The people who know and care about vodka have joined forces with people who know and care about their home cities. It’s a global family made up of local partners who run their micro-distilleries independently in cities around the world. As with all members of this family, Our/London follows a global recipe, but its unique ingredients give it its own character.